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When, at the beginning of the year, the Jordan Brand, together with Levi's, probably the world's most well-known denim manufacturer, released an Air Jordan 4 whose upper and midsole were completely covered with blue denim, Jordan 1s Replica Shoes sneaker lovers from all over the world went crazy and rightly so. In the USA even had to the release in the Levi's store in Soho/New York was canceled by the local police because the crowds were simply too big and riots were to be expected.
And even if the hype surrounding the two new colourways was also real, such excesses were of course not to be expected. But the release was definitely hot enough that some sneaker lovers and collectors gathered in front of our store a day or two beforehand have in order not to go away empty-handed.
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14:30 06-04-2022   

Список разделов -> Грабли и вилы: «Best Fake Jordan Shoes For Sale»
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